All about BeauJessie #heregoesnothing…

Dear Blog Reader,

My name is Victoria, I decided to start a blog as I’m constantly telling people about what I have seen and head within the media world, whether it is news, fashion, film, televison & I’m always looking through Twitter and Tweeting about something new that I found interesting or exciting. So I have decided to sart a blog!

I have graduated university this year (2013) with a BA Honours in Media Production & for the last three years have been glued to a blog, writing up all about my classes and on going projects within the year of my studying so I’m very familar with how a blog works and what it is all about. I enjoyed blogging so I have decided to start one up post university about all the thing that entertain me & I find interesting & hopefully it will interest you.





I do want to inform you that I do have Dyslexia, which is why sometimes my Grammar and Spelling isn’t up to scratch. I do struggle with this, so be patient with me… I don’t want my Dyslexia to effect me having a blog! So I’m hoping I will approve by writing so much.


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