#128 Glossybox Number 15, Pop Art Edition

IMG_6889 IMG_6891


It’s October, which means it is the start of Autumn, a new season of Fashion has been introduced, coats & scarves are going to be in your daily wardrobe, Halloween is the festive holiday of the month, I have a couple of birthdays to celebrate including my brothers & then of course the monthly Glossybox, October’s box which is Andy Warhol themed; Pop Art Editionit’s Bright, Bold & Brilliant.

IMG_6892 IMG_6893

I just love this box, I think this is my favourite box so far in the way it has been designed. I studied Andy Warhol in college in my Fine Art class & I just loved his work & this totally reminds me of this, it is inspired by him… So you love the box, now read the reviews of the products that came in the box;


IMG_6905 IMG_6907 IMG_6908

  IMG_6909 IMG_6910 IMG_6911

As you can see the product card it is a little different this month, I received an email from Glossybox saying ‘Our collaboration with Organic Beauty Week, has left us with Glossy green fingers! So for this month only, we’re taking a small step towards reducing our carbon footprint, by trailing a paperless product card.’ – Which is why I have taken photos so you can still see the information. You were also asked to do a survey about this & ask several questions about how you found it. For me I think the idea is great but I love the idea of having a card so I can blog about it & once I am done with them (I have kept most of them) I recycle them anyway. Having green fingers is so important for this planet & the more people that recycle, reduse & reuse will defiantly help – we have stand united when it comes to the environment & the planet. #Rant Over

– Full Size Product. Nuxe, Crème Fraiche De Beaute Mask.FULL SIZE £19.40 FOR 50ml available at http://www.uk.nuxe.com


– Full Size Product. Etre Belle, Cosmetics Liplift Peel. FULL SIZE euro12.95 for 15ml available at http://www.etre-belle.co


– Full Size Product. So Susan, Cosmetics Flutter Mascara. FULL SIZE £14.95 for 4ml available at http://www.sosusan.com


– Full Size Product. Ciate, London Paint Pot. FULL SIZE £9 for 13.5ml available at http://www.ciate.co.uk/glossy-box


– Sample. Yves Rocher, France Quelques Notes D’Amour. FULL SIZE £33 for 30ml available at http://www.yves-rocher.co.uk


– Sample. Rimmel London, BB Cream Matte. FULL SIZE £6.99 for 30ml available at http://www.uk.rimmellondon.com


As you can see a great mix of different beauty products, with all sorts of beauty tips including nail varnish, perfume, eyes, lips & face etc. A complete different mix of products & mostly of them I have never heard of the brand & products – a mix that is a perfect box.


A great thing as well that happened last month’s box & then happened again this box is a little bit of information about the new box that is coming next month. Last month’s card said everything Pop Art & then this month has introduced me to a new product (full size) which is going to be in November box, a little sneak peek which I love!

IMG_6894 IMG_6895

Another great box for a great month, me & my sister (she started a subscription last month) will be using the mask on a Saturday night, girly night in, #perfect.









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