#126 True Blood is done

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 “Telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse encounters a strange new supernatural world when she meets the mysterious Bill, a southern Louisiana gentleman and vampire.” (2008 – 2014)

True Blood, what a great bloody series. If I could I would leave it at that because that is what it is, the series aired on our screens (mostly or if not all on FX, an american channel but can be viewed with a Sky box) for a total of 6 six years & it was great. When I found out series 7 would be the last I had a mixed reaction, part of me was like WHAT!!!! How the hell will they wrap this series up & the other part of me was a bit like thank god because I loved True Blood but at times it kind of lost its way a little & even though I stuck through it – at times it was a struggle, saying that Series 7 was brilliant & the series finished off with a bang – all loose ends tied up & I was left smiling at the end of it.

A couple of years back I visited NYC with my sister & mum in late December & it was our last day, we were at our favorite diner called Tick Tock Diner right next to The New Yorker hotel & a lady sat in the booth behind us & a man arrived – anyway it only took us all a couple of minutes to realize that it was Carrie Preston who played Arlene Folwer in the series – it was so exciting for us & that shows just how popular & well-known the series got because to be able to spot a member of the cast in NY was pretty damn cool. The cast for me was just brilliant in this series & when it started there was some familiar cast members including Anna Paquin who played Sookie Stackhouse or her brother Jason Stackhouse played by Ryan Kwanten who was a familiar face of Home & Away. One of my favorite characters was Lafayette Reynolds played by Nelsan Ellis who has been in films like The Help & The Butler (two great films) or Joe Manganiello who played Alcide Herveaux who featured in OTH another great series I loved & than of course you have Alexander Skarsgard who played the famous Eric Northman. As you can see from this line up, you can understand just why the series did so well!

What I also love about this film is that it is based on books – which I didn’t realize till I was quite heavy in the series but I would have had no idea, it didn’t spark me as a book series but you can understand how it would make great books because the story line is very strong all the way through & even though I said it lost its way, there was enough to keep you watching. I have attached the link below which will take you straight to IMDB so you can check it out & then below are all the different series if you want to catch up! – I recommend it is a great series.










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