#124 Sheerluxe is my new favorite website

2014-10-02 09_23_00-sheerluxe.com


Sheerluxe is my go to website at the moment, I am obsessed. I have been getting emails on a regularly basis since I signed up around 6 months ago & since then have got a couple of my friends hooked & they love it too. It is a great website that gives great new updates on a weekly basis (sometimes I even get a couple of emails sent through during the week, added bonus!), each email is full of fun tips and tricks including fashion, food, lifestyle, new celebrities wearing new clothes/ bags etc. I have talked about a specific post down below for you to have a look and what you can kinda get from Sheerluxe, for me I just love this website, it introduces me to everything I need to know about what is going on in the world regarding fashion, food, home & life & I have been introduced to so many new recipes/brands/styles etc since subscribing to this website. – I recommend!!!

A great post that was uploaded onto the most recent email was this one – Top at home Face Masks – (http://sheerluxe.com/content/2014/09/22/top-home-face-masks#.VCwMzvldV8E) It is great, it gives you a low down on all the best home face masks in the shops at the moment & gives you a good variation as well. This is the sort of posts that are on the website, full of color, full of information & some great tips & tricks, perfectly colorful & full of knowledge.



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