#121 Glossybox Number 14, Designed by Karen Millen

IMG_6564 IMG_6562

It’s mid September 2014 & that means a Glossybox has just been delivered on my front door stop & this time there are two because my sister recently just signed up which is super exciting – so we sat on her bed & opened them together, to see what we both had & it was nice because we both had one thing different which is pretty cool.



Firstly I have to talk about the box, it is just beautiful! Sometimes dependant on what month it is or what is happening in the month the box can be a little different from their statement pink box with the print symbol outlaying the inside of the box. In the last year I have had a 4th of July inspired box with the American flag design on it, then a Christmas box with a Christmas tree on that or a British flag box inspired by an event. So when I opened up the box, I just loved this one – with a lovely skyline of all famous London landmarks that we love & then the tissue paper & ribbon is just beautiful – this box will defiantly be kept & used to stock many more of my lovely Glossybox items I get sent.

IMG_6568 IMG_6570

In this beautiful box the contents contained are the following;

IMG_6571 IMG_6572

– Full Size Product Binky Felstead approved! ModelCo, MORE BROWS fibre gel. FULL SIZE £14.95 for 3.5ml availble at http://www.modelcosmetics.com


– Glossbox Fave. L’Oreal Professional, mythtic oil. FULL SIZE £15.95 for 125ml available at your local store – find your local store http://hosted.where2getit.com/lorealprofessionneluk/mythicoil.html


– Innoative Skincare. SkinPrep, Enzyme and Acid Peel And Peeling Gel. FULL SIZE Peeling Gel £89.99 for 180ml/£3.05 for 3.5ml Eye Cream £44.99 for 15ml/£6.49 for 2ml available at http://www.skinprep.com


– Full Size Product winning product. Nails Inc, Westminster Bridge Matte Top Coat. FULL SIZE £12 for 10ml available at http://www.nailsinc.com


– Full Size Product Cult Skincare Brand. Nivea, 3in1 Micellar Cleansing Water. FULL SIZE £4.07 for 200ml available at http://www.nivea.co.uk


As you can see from these five awesome goodies, this box is pretty damn brilliant – I have already tried each product & I cannot not fault one. The Nivea Cleansing water is just a brilliant formula & I will re-buy, the mythic oil made my hair just feel so lovely & really boost the look of my hair, a full shine factor. The Matt Nails Inc nail varnish is just lush, I have used it on my fingers and toes – just lovely.

This box for me is one of my favourite so far & I love all of my 5 beauty items that I was given in this September Glossybox.










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