#120 Cool places I have visited recently

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So recently I have been to some exciting places and thought that I should share it on my blog. I have added a couple of different places including Bars/clubs/restaurants/offices – which for me I really liked so thought I would share with all of you.

For one of my best friends birthday, she had decided to go to Clapham Junction and go to DNA which is situated on 1 St Johns Hill – the place features soft house music & some quirky named cocktails. I had never been so was super excited, I took my sister a long with me & we loved it. We decided to try a cocktail, as we were there pretty early (there was no queue) & the had call names… They were OK, I wasn’t that thrilled with them, they had a lot of crushed ice & the flavors were just a bit too much (on their own would have been better, mixed a little bit sour + they were like £10/£11 which isn’t that to bad but if you don’t like it…) the best part of the cocktails was watching them being made, very talented bar men! We then went on to have presseco by the glass and for £6.50 – it was delicious & cheap! The best thing about the bar/club was the music, it was soft house & was so good! I was there for a good four/five hours & didn’t once leave the dance floor. Soft house at the moment is brilliant so it defiantly made it great, one more cool thing was that behind the DJ booth they has a sign that was lit up by UV lights and it read ‘Love is a game of chance’ – Thought that was pretty cool & when the bass dropped on a song it flashed, nice little touch I thought! I would recommend, go & check out the awesome music – you will not be disappointed.

I recently went shopping in Bluewater to pick up my sister’s birthday present & I decided after a couple of house of shopping I would grab a bite to eat – I popped into Comptoir Libanais which was delicious, I had to drink a Mira which is a frozen blended lemonade with Fresh mint, lemon, lime & orange Blossom Lemonade & my friend had Roomana which is a Pomegranate & Orange Blossom fresh lemonade. We then both had a Halloumi & Olive wrap with comptoir salad & pickles, the wrap was filled with marinated Halloumi cheese, black olives, baby cucumber, tomato & Zaatar – (which is an herbal blend) – they were delicious, I opted for no olive & my friend opted for no tomatoes but it was so scrumptious & would defiantly recommend it to anybody. I believe it is pretty new to Bluewater & I’m so glad that they have got one there because it is yum & I am a sucker for a little bit of fun decor which is what this restaurant had! A great lunch indeed.

Last week whilst at work I was lucky enough to visit the Google office, which was super fun – I only went into the cafeteria but even that was pretty impressive & I loved it. It was so fun & the fridge just blew me away, any type of drink & you could grab it. The cool thing was, was the cafe was called ‘Cafe Royale’ Which I just loved & it was in big letters with lights in the middle, so retro!! This can just indicate how cool the rest of the building would be, just from how cool floor 9 was, the cafeteria was pretty damn cool & I felt super cool walking out! Pretty cool experience!!

2014-09-15 13_56_02-Le Raj - Award Winning Restaurant in Epsom Downs, Surrey, London, UK

Le Raj is my favorite Indian local for me & Saturday night we were yet again at the restaurant for dinner. It was super delicious & some people may think on the pricey side but then you are eating bloody good Indian dishes so you pay for the quality & the quality is divine! On Saturday night we were not drinking so just went for still drinks & a bottle of sparkling water. For food we both had starters I ordered the Prawn Puri & my boyfriend ordered the Murg Tikka, then for main we ordered two Safron Pilau Rice (the best rice ever, pure delicious), Saag Aloo, Plain Naan & I order Lamb Pasanda & the boyfriend had Lamb Jaalmisti – pure delicious! we also ordered coffee & the cup & saucers were too cute! For us Le Raj is a place we go when we really want a meal that will feed us till we can’t eat any more & for it to be really good quality food which Le Raj is, I would 100% recommend this restaurant to anybody it is glorious!!!

On Sunday Blacks Burgers was on the cards as our lunch time snack to get us ready for a busy day moving John into his new flat with two of his friends. We defiantly needed it and it kept me full for the whole day. We ordered two Oreo shakes which have big chucks of Oreos in it – #yum & then I ordered the cheese burger & john ordered the Smoky pig. They were both delicious & I would defiantly recommend to anyone!!

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post, I’m off to London very soon – so will be reviewing some more cool places to go!

2014-09-15 13_57_43-Menus _ Blacks Burgers









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