#119 London trip Review


So I wanted to write something about my little trip up to London last Saturday, It has been ages since I have been up to London, probably the last time was when friends, my sister & I visited the old Selfridges hotel where there was an expedition on, showcasing all new entrepreneurs & we grabbed lunch from Selfridges & popped around the shops in Oxford Street including Topshop, Sunglass Hut & of course Liberty.

So when it was time to go back it was super exciting, I was going up for a very dear of friend of mine’s birthday drinks & as that was starting a little late, I decieded to grab a bit to eat with the boyfriend, sister & her boyfriend in China Town. Golden Dragon is my favorite place to eat in China Town, it was one of the first dates my boyfriend took me on & we have since revisited lots of time with friends & family. This time we were taking my sister & her fella, showing them all of our favorite dishes & it was scrumptious!

Then once we were so full we could barely move we popped back into the car to drive to Southbank, where my friend Erik was having her birthday drinks, she had chosen a pop up bar called Department of good cheer which were a bar her friends had started & it was the final night. The bar was super cool inside, being that it was pop up it was designed colorful cupboard art being as it was pop up & the toilets were separated by cupboard – which was quirky but fun! They also had a exhibition at the back of the bar which was called the hotel of broken hearts which was all about relationships gone sour & people had donated tokens to show this, like a lovely pair of silk underwear displayed, as the girl who gave them had been given them as a present & then found out her boyfriend & cheated on her & they were a sorry present disguised (you can imagine they are no longer together). It was just a really cool and fun place to go & it was right on the river – perfect to see the great views of London at night.

I get such a buzz when I drive into London & see all the busyness still going on, it is just full of life & in my opinion it is the best city in the world, I would defiantly recommend all the places mentioned in this blog, you will not be disappointed.




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