#118 Menorca 2014


It have been roughly three weeks since I got back off my two week holiday to Menorca with my family but sadly I have been super busy with work but just wanted to write a little review on my holiday. I have only ever been to Menorca once, when I was tiny – so revisiting was always an option as I can barely remember my first visit & for ages thought I had never been, it was glorious!!

We stayed in our own villa for two weeks with hot sun guaranteed every single day with only a couple of light showers & grey spots (which lasted no more than 30 minutes), there was lovely restaurants, a great beach & only a 30 minute bus ride into the main city Mahon – which was full of lovely shops, including a great shop soap which was full of handmade soaps & bath crystals & smelled divine. I bought a Satsuma soap which is currently making my socks smell delicious & my boyfriend a couple of lovely soaps including a Chamomile one suitable for sensitive skin – #amazing.

There was plenty to do there including lazy round the pool, fishing, canoeing – not many water sports which the boys were gutted about but the pool was big enough to get a couple of inflatables in. Then you have the food which was truly delicious, one night I ordered sea-bass which had been caught that afternoon – cannot get more fresher than that!

It was really nice to get away for two weeks in the sun all the time, it was exactly what I needed but then to be honest – when you get back & straight back to work, it really never feels like I went away & its been three weeks back into work, but that is always the way, I rested well whilst I was away which is what you really want.

I would defiantly recommend Menorca but maybe not two weeks, I think one week is enough as at times it can become very quiet but another great holiday & it was so much fun!!



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