#116 My new monthly Sunday job – Brush Cleaning

IMG_6352 IMG_6038

 So in one of my recent posts I reviewed a Glossybox which had a beauty item that was brilliant Dr Bonner 18-in-1 liquid soap literally is amazing & once I did some more research a lot of the beauty bloggers use this product & love it, & I do too. This is a great product that a lot of people recommend using for all sorts of different reasons including washing hair, make-up brushes, skin & even the dishes – I mean it is 18-in-1 so it has a lot of uses.

This Sunday I found myself having one of those Sunday’s where I knew I had to do a bit of checking off on the job list including cleaning the car, changing the bed, clearing the wardrobe out & of course cleaning my make-up brushes & sorting out my beauty draw.

I used the lovely Anna off of Vivannadoesmakeup YouTube video that I have linked at the bottom of this blog, showing the step by step way of cleaning the product & I could not be happy with the finished result, I even Instagram the picture of all the brushes drying & now they are fabulous!

Job well done.





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