#110 Let me introduce you to Lily Pebbles & Vivannadoesmakeup #beautychats

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My new obsession has to be these two beauty guru’s Lily & Anna that makeup Lily Pebbles & Vivanna Does Make-Up. I have been really into reading Blogs for a long time, I have the ‘bloglovin’ app on my phone where I follow a lot of the beauty/fashion & home decor blogs including Pixiwoo, Vivannadoesmakeup, LilyPebbles & Zoella just to mention a few & of course with all great blogs they have a YouTube channels which is where I found Lily & Anna #beautychats. This combines of these two ladies coming together each month on each others channel, they ask for their followers on Twitter to give them questions to ask & they make a video.

I am obsessed with these videos, they have been doing them since July 2013 & in the last fortnight I have made sure I am completely up to date with all of the beauty chats videos, for me they are so insightful about everything beauty. I love these girls, they are brilliant and have so much information about such great products, every video has such good content & I keep listing all of the beauty products they mention. I also love the fact that the brands & products they mention are not just expensive & high market, they do high street as well – which are just as good maybe sometimes even better.

I would defiantly recommend subscribing to both of their YouTube Channels  & their blog page’s, you will love it just like I do.




2 thoughts on “#110 Let me introduce you to Lily Pebbles & Vivannadoesmakeup #beautychats

  1. Totally love these two! please check out my blog ❤ i have done a couple of makeup hauls and reviews lately but what i am most proud of is my skin bible series. it is designed to take you on a skincare journey through developing a skincare routine, understanding your skin type and knowing the science behind why you do what you do so you know what ingredients to check for. I even have an entire post dedicated to common skincare ingredients and what they do for your skin! let me know what you think as i am quite proud of it xox your local bohemian

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