#108 NEWS: I signed up to Graze!

IMG_6029 IMG_6025


So I did it, after a lot of time thinking about it & seeing what Graze had to offer, I decided to sign up & get involved in the Graze snacking craze that is just brilliant. Once I was all set up & had chosen the box I wanted you then go and rate the different snacks, if you want to ‘bin’ them – which means they won’t send them to you EVER or you can ask to ‘send it now’ & it will be in either the next or the upcoming snack boxes that are sent your way, you need to make sure you click on ‘Try’ so you get to try all the tasty snack treats that Graze have to offer.

I love when you get a box & it gives you the booklet with all the information you would want for each snack, the ingredients & it also tells you if it is vegetarian, New from Graze etc. It also gives you a voucher booklet allowing you to share the Greatness of Graze with your friends! which is super clever, allowing more people to join the Graze community.

For me I love the way that the Graze represents themselves, the way they give you a recycle only napkin that you can eat your snacks with, the vouchers to get other people involved. The clean packaging that pushes clean materials that have to be recycled & the way they support healthy eating but doesn’t shove it down your throat, they respect business & look after companies that are talented & making something delicious!

Everything that Graze is, is right – the founders of Graze have got the brand/image/products all on point – they have everything ticked off in the right boxes and that is why they have done so well. I am on my second box & I am absolutely loving them.

I have currently been introduced to the following delicious snacks;

Box One: Jaffa Cake Flapjack, Copacabana, Rhubarb & Pear Compote, Cracking Black Peppercorn

Box Two: Jam Doughnut, Smoky Chipotle Dip, Chai Latte & Fruit & Seed Flapjack

As you can see a lot of awesome treats, cannot wait for the rest to come, I have chosen to order a box every fortnight so I get a tasty trick twice a week before getting my second box. #yum If you have not yet joined, join!!!!!








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