#106 I have been to America, I’m not ignoring you!

IMG_5563 IMG_5500 IMG_5821 IMG_5549

So I have to explain myself, why have I not been blogging for ages & not that many blog posts… Well it has been because it has taken me two weeks to get my head back to work in the UK, as two weeks prior I was in the USA for three weeks for work & I will explain all below.

IMG_5690 IMG_5547 IMG_5779 IMG_5765

So we have a client which is based in America & we had to travel round America visiting a number of different places to interview people for the companies to have online testimonials. We visited a number of places including Baltimore MD, Raleigh NC, Atlanta, Jackson GA, Macungie PA, Neenah WI, Washington DC, Long Island NY, Dangriga & Placencia Belize. We rented three cards, travelled around for 19 days & flew on a total of 13 flights. It was one hell of a work trip & it was absolutely brilliant to learn about the different cultures in each states, the food that they are known for & just to see parts of the USA that I would have never chosen or thought about going too.

IMG_5592 IMG_5564 IMG_5679 IMG_5804

It was a brilliant trip & I have some great memories & met some great people including some more work colleagues as the company I work for has an office in Baltimore, so that was really nice. We were taken to all the different & cool places to eat. It was really fun!

I have added some photos to show just how much fun it was, even if it was a work trip.

IMG_5510 IMG_5896 IMG_5762 IMG_5816




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