#104 Game Of Thrones Season Four is DONE


So like a lot of the world, I am obsessed with Game Of Thrones & of course Series Four has been & gone. I have literally just finished this as I have been in the US due to work & I was lucky to have episode 9 & 10 back to back to finish the series, which was great (waiting a week for the last episode, sucks).

A lot of unanswered questions were finally answered & then some people died, some battles were started & finished & of course some characters move on to the next step in their journey. A lot was revealed in this series & you can really see why you only need 10 episodes because so much happens in the hour it is on television, so much is covered & sometimes left open for the next episode but it always leaves you wanting more, which is always the point.

Once again GOT did not disappoint and I am so happy that it didn’t because again I am hooked and biting at the bit for series five. What is great is that I know there will be a series 5 as during GOT series four there was a announcement that HBO has just agreed to, two more series which is brilliant news. Now like ever I have a lot more to look forward too.

Hope you enjoyed series four of Game Of Thrones as much as I did.





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