#103 The Crimson Fields



This new BBC drama has been on our screens for a while & I have just finished watching it, I was little late to the party so I catched up on BBC I player & I am so glad I did because I loved it. It has a brilliant story line, brilliant cast, costumes, set design, romance, betrayal, twists, turns, secrets – for me it is everything you want in a war drama. I absolutely love the actress Oona Chaplin, granddaughter of the oh so famous Charlie Chaplin, they have the same presence on-screen, capturing people’s attention. I just love everything about her so it defiantly was great seeing her act in another great series drama.

I did feel like it did end short though, I wasn’t sure if the series was finished or on a break, I defiantly feel like a couple more episodes could have been produced to round the whole series off but saying that it did work to end the way it did, I think maybe I was just loving the program so much that I didn’t want it to finish so soon.

I would recommend this program to anybody & since raving on about it at home, the family has watched it & loved it.



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