#100 Greys Anatomy series 10


Greys Anatomy was back and now series 10 has finished, leaving me waiting at the bit for the next series. Series ten was just brilliant, there was so many surprises that kept you wanting more. I absolutely love this series for me there is always new twists and turns that keep changing the situation & keep you wanting to know what was going to happen next. This series ends with a brilliant twist, just like the other ones, a cliff hanger that will change all the dynamics of the characters a that can change a lot of the stories that are already placed.

For me this series brings everything I want in a television series, including drama, passion, sadness, happiness, laughter and story lines that involve all sorts of issues including death, marriage, friendship, adultery, divorce, children and tragedy. I just love watching this programme, for me it is such a good watch and perfect to watch over and over again. I got the box sets and it was my university sanity.

I cannot wait for next series to come and see what happens to all of the story lines left loose and to see how they will or have been resolved, so many cliff hangers waiting to be picked up. I’m so very excited.



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