#98 NEW Garnier Ultimate Blends


So I have to write a quick post on the new collection from Garnier called Ultimate Blends, IT IS AMAZING. I stumbled across a sample, used and loved it. After I did some research and found out they have three different types, they have the following;


The Sleek Smoother (light pinky bottle, first) which is tailor-made for mid-long hair with Madagascan Vanilla milk & Brazilian ‘fruit of the angels’ papaya extracts.

The Nourishing Repairer (light brown bottle, second) which is tailor-made for dry damaged hair with European Avocado Oils & Shea Butter.

The Marvellous Transformer (golden bottle, third) which is tailor-made for dry dull hair with Moroccan Argan Oil & Japanese Camellia Oil.

The Sleek Restorer (the brown bottle, fourth) which is tailor-made for dry, frizzy hair with Coconut Oil & Cocoa butter.

The Colour Illuminator (the red bottle, fifth) which is tailor-made for coloured hair with  Moroccan Argan Oil & North American Cranberry Extracts.

The Shine Revitaliser (the green bottle, sixth) which is tailor-made for normal hair with Chinese Green Tea & Mediterranean Lemon Extracts.

The Sleek Restorer is what I got as a sample and I loved it and I have now picked up The Marvellous Transformer range for shampoo and condition & have bought a one minute treatment in the sleek restorer range as well as I just love the smell and I had to have something else, plus I love a good hair treatment when I am doing a face pack during the week – I am a pamper queen!!

I would defiantly recommend this range of hair care because it has something for everyone and at the moment, in Boots its half price on all of the ranges, so pick it up!!










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