#94 PLL Series 4 was brilliant



Now only 65 days left to wait for series 5 and what a series four has been. So many revelations have been brought to the audience attention in series four, like the welcoming back of Alison – she finally is not dead OR that Ezra is involved and has just used Ariel. That Spencer used to have a drug addiction and this is the second time she has been involved in prescription drugs, Emily’s relationship with Paige is over, Paige decided to inform the police that Alison was still alive even though Emily told her out of confidence. Hannah is now into a new boy, who is defiantly a very charming man!! The fact that Alison’s mum has a deep dark secret, is very creepy & was the one that buried Alison alive. Jason was a horrible person and that someone tried to kill Alison and we don’t know who that is but some of the people have defiantly be check listed off. Mona was a deviant little person who was obsessed with Alison and we are know where nearer to finding out who the real A is!


For me I love this show and even though at times it can be slightly creepy, I am still so excited for series 5 and getting closer to finding out, maybe even finding out who A really is & if it is anything like the first four series, A will be very, very unexpected.







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