#95 Zoella, I just love her!


So recently through work I have had to be on YouTube a lot and came about this lovely person called Zoella & then found out I already was following her blog, I have discovered her beauty hauls videos which are amazing, I am obsessed with beauty products, as you can probably tell from my Glossy box blogs and how much I love beauty products. Zoella has introduced me to lots of products I did not know existed and some brilliant buys for me that now live in my bedroom.


I have been following her blog for a long time and the passion she has for writing, has made me want to blog even more than I do. She is super talented and then when I found out she suffers from Panic attacks and anxiety, which makes it even more great that she has been so successful. I am also obsessed with magazines and when I was in St Pancras on route to Paris when I saw the new Company magazine has the brilliant Zoella and even in the magazines she looked amazing and had some super clothes that I have already added to my list of ‘new buys I want’ – Yes I have that list.


Zoella company 2 Zoella comapny 3


For me Zoe Snugg is brilliant, she has made a success out of her personality, her style, her love for beauty and clothes. She has made me want to get more into my blogging and keep purchasing some more great beauty products. You will defiantly love her blog and YouTube channel as much as I do, look at the Hauls and Beauty section, they are the best!!







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