#92 silk



Silk, is back with series three and this series with only six episodes in it has been an explosive one. In each episode you have seen completely different scenarios happen and all of them are emotional and make you think, as well as the underlining story with all the characters that goes on throughout the six episodes, leaving on a very good ending, not really a cliff-hanger but not a clear one.

Silk us based around a group of people who have a career in law; You have Martha Costello (played by Maxine Peak), Clive Reader (Rupert Perry-Jones), Billy Lamb (Neil Stuke), John Bright (John Macmillan), Jake Milner (Theo Barklem-Biggs), Alan Cowdrey (Alex Jennings), Bethany Brassington (Amy Wren), Caroline Warwick (Frances Barber), Micky Joy (Phillip Davis), Harriet Hammond (Miranda Raison), Amy Lang (Jessica Henwick).  This group of people make up the brilliant series, that has been going for three series and I just love it.

This television series has been going for three series and in each series the story lines and plots are truly brilliant, they give you real situations, real problems and real scenarios, which affect everyone all the time and of course this television series looks into being a lawyer, the work, the structure and what it is like to be a lawyer and the situations that occur with-in the lawyers world and the lawyers career.

I cannot wait for the fourth series to come back on our screens, going to be a definite one to watch!





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