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Ian Fleming is well-known for the series of books like Casino Royale, Diamonds are forever and Gold Finger just to name a few, which later got turned into films, which followed the oh so famous 007 agent Bond, James Bond.

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Now the story of this marvellous writer has come to our screens, for a one-off four-part series based on the true story of Ian Fleming in WWII & the goings on in his early life before writing the James Bond collection. Featuring only on Sky Atlantic, this brilliant four-part episodes has a great story & a brilliant cast, beautiful costumes and set design, makes you feel like you have gone back in time. The gritty but glamorous look of the war, sex, death and war is one whole of a mixture!

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“Look at the 007 creator, Ian Fleming, and his early life set against the permissive society of war-torn WWII London.” – IMDB synopsis of Fleming (2013).

Episode 1

“In London, 1938, Ian Fleming is  dissolute playboy, eclipsed by his dead war hero father and successful brother. While popping up the bar at a jazz club, he meets Ann O’Neil, an alluring socialite. Unlike many of his conquests, Ann is more than a math for him. She already has a husband and a lover, Esmond Rothermere. Fleming finds solace in the arms of a beautiful dispatch rider named Muriel. Following a frosty morning-after encounter with Muriel, Fleming’s domineering mother secures him a job assisting Naval intelligence’s Admiral John Godfrey. He quickly incurs Godfrey’s wrath when he cooks up an unorthodox scheme to get information from two captured German submarines. However, Fleming’s valuable findings make it apparent that an imaginative approach could be just what the war effort requires.” – IMDB

Episode 2

“A mischievous Ann invites Fleming to Esmond’s birthday party, and although Fleming has brought Muriel a his date, sexual chemistry sizzles between them. Meanwhile, France is looking like it’s about to crumble against Nazi forces. Office bound and desperate to be a man of action, Fleming urgently tries to persuade Godfrey to send him to France to oversee the destruction of secret files at one of their bureaus. To his surprise, Godfrey accepts. Fleming sets-off on his mission, but when unexpected obstacles arise, how will he handle the dangerous consequences?” – IMDB

Episode 3

“While training at a camp in Canada (Camp X), the Americans ask Fleming to use his talents to write a blueprint for a Central Intelligence Agency. On his return to London, Fleming persuades Godfrey to form the 30 Assault Unit – a group of the toughest soldiers prepared to play dirty, with Fleming serving as commanding officer. He believers the new unit of Intelligence Commandos is the key to beating the Nazis. Meanwhile, Fleming continues his relationship with Ann, but refuses to consider taking it to the next level, while Rothermere makes it clear he intends to win her over once and for all.” – IMDB

Episode 4

“The war is nearly over, but Fleming is convinced the Nazis are hiding nuclear plans and that the British need to find them before the Russians. Finally, Fleming is granted permission to go to Germany to attempt to retrieve the plans. He succeeds in tracking down the documents, but comes face to face with The Werewolves (renegade German soldiers who will die before giving up the cause.) Back in London, celebrations are underway, but the arrival of peace also means wartime relationships will have to be reassessed. Will Fleming and Ann finally find a way to be together? Moreover, with the war in its final throes, Fleming’s days in Naval intelligence are numbered – what other ways will he find to channel his ingenuity and imagination?” – IMDB

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As you can see a very interesting story line and a talented cast to go with it including Dominic Cooper (as Ian Fleming), Lara Pulver, Samuel West, Anna Chancellor, Rupert Evans, Lesley Manville, Rip Torrens, Camilla Rutherford, Dean Lennox Kelly, Stanley Townsend, Michael Maloney, Wolf Kahler, Werner Daehn, Phil McKee & Declan Hannigan. – As you can see, very talented.

For me this was a brilliant drama series & I would defiantly recommend people to watch it.

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