#89 Ross Kemp: Extreme World


Ross Kemp Extreme World (2014) was a six part series looking into several different places around the country including India, Papua New Guinea, Northern Ireland, Lebanon, Las Vegas and Rio. Ross Kemp and his team looks into sex, drugs, violence, war, crime within all these places around the globe.

For me I love these shows because of the way the style is filmed, I think a documentary if it is done well then it can be brilliant, the information you get from these episodes are just that. Information and an in-sight into what goes on into those places around the world – the way that you get the truth from people who are interviewed even when it is the nitty, gritty! It shows the truth that goes on in the world which is what appeals to people, to learn about other people’s life.

For me I learn a little more about the not so glamorous world which is why this documentary is so popular, it teaches and makes you think.





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