#86 Glossybox No 7, Be Mine

 2014-02-15 14.47.42 2014-02-15 14.47.59

2014-02-15 14.47.49

February Glossybox has arrived, well a little time ago – I just have not got round to blogging about it. I was spoilt this month, especially because of the fact that one of my items were broken and I requested it to be changed & got three items as a replacement. That is why I needed to make sure this blog was brilliant, to show my gratitude through Glossybox once more.

2014-02-15 16.23.59 2014-02-15 16.25.13

Be Mine is the title of the February Glossybox, which came in a black box covered in different pink lips all over it, amazing! Which made me even more excited & I hadn’t even looked in the box yet. When I looked inside, this is what I found & I was super excited –

2014-02-15 16.23.29-2

2014-02-15 16.24.39 2014-02-15 16.24.46

British Brand Nougat London, Sparkling Body Shimmer. FULL SIZE £14 for 250ml available at www.nougatlondon.co.uk

2014-02-15 17.15.25

I have never heard of this brand before & I would not normally use a product like this but it is always interesting to try new things and learn about new brands, I do like this product once I have tried it but it is not one of my favourite!

LFW Backstage Favourite Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe, Stick It Up Gum. FULL SIZE £7.20 for 90ml available at www.boots.com

2014-02-15 17.16.36

I love a good wax and it is exactly what I wanted, this brand is so well-known and I couldn’t wait to trail this product. I have used it on several times now, on different occasions for work and for socializing and it is such a good product, could not say anything bad about this, defiantly would recommend the wax.

Cult Nail Brand Ciate London, Paint Pot. FULL SIZE £9 for 13.5ml available at www.ciate.co.uk

2014-02-15 17.15.35

Ciate nail varnish is amazing! I have a lot of different colours and effects and this is just like the rest of them, a cool colour to go with my collection. This nail varnish goes on so well, hardly chips – it is just such a good product & the brand is growing a growing to be so successful!

Celeb Favourite Miners Cosmetics, Cocktail Kiss. ONE SIZE £2.99 for 12ml available at www.minerscosmetics.co.uk

2014-02-15 17.15.15

This brand is so cool, I love the effect of the lip gloss. I prefer a lipstick but this is a cool brand & if you love lip Gloss go purchase!

Extra Treat Lindt, Lindor Treat Bar. ONE SIZE £0.79 for one bar 38g/ £16.59 for 24 bars www.tesco.com www.sainsburys.com www.lindt-shop.co.uk

2014-02-15 17.15.06

This defiantly was an extra little treat, so scrumptious! If you have not tried this chocolate bar yet, go do – pure amazing!!

Make-up Bag Essential Maybelline New York, Master Kajal Liner. ONE SIZE £5.99 for 13g available at www.boots.com

2014-02-15 17.15.51

I wish this item wasn’t broken so I could have tried and reviewed it, it looks so fun though!

I just mentioned about this item being broke, I spoke to Glossybox & requested a new one, as I was super excited to try it out. Unfortunately there was none love in stock so I got these three items instead; –

2014-02-26 21.07.12

It was a massive surprise to get three beauty products and I loved the fact I had not heard of any of the brands or products before, other than the eye0-line which was produced by Nicola Roberts from 1/5th of the girl group Girls Aloud. I have tried all three of these products & I love them, especially the eye-liner which even in blue I use a lot!

Once again Glossybox has done it again and given me five brilliant beauty products and just this month a couple extra more. Cannot wait for March’s box.

P.S. I am now off to visit the Glossybox website to get on with doing my survey’s, to receive some more Glossy dots!!










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