#84 Bonnie & Clyde



I always knew the names Bonnie & Clyde and the reason in which there names where so famous but I never really knew the story in which they became the outlaws and the famous duo that we now think of them as. So when I saw on Lifetime TV Channel that they were advertising a two-part drama about Bonnie and Clyde, their story and how they both came to meet each other & how they ended up being the most famous criminals in the early 1900’s.


This two part drama was just brilliant it showed the story of how Clyde Barrow came into the world, his family, the work he did, the values he stood for and after meeting Bonnie Parker the love he wanted from her. Bonnie Parker you learnt about her up-bringing, her marriage and how she wanted to become a singer on Broadway but all things changed when she wasn’t successful and soon she had met Clyde and they were up to no good together.

I find it so mind blogging by the fact that they weren’t caught for such a long time and they were able to get away at different times, on different occasions because of how much they travelled, they were all over the American states, staying for only a small amount of time each times, they were always a little bit in-front of the law and in the drama it was probably because of the way that Clyde always had a six sense in the situation, in what was going on and what would be the next step for them to not get them into trouble.

This two-part drama series was just brilliant, I found it so interesting to see the journey in which Bonnie and Clyde become the people they are, how they meet – the duo that makes them the outlaw famous people that rob banks, steal cars and then they kill men of the law and civilians. It was so interesting to see the story and the path they both took and the choices that they both made to make them the people that they are.  They are the duo/the couple that sold newspapers after newspaper, they brought a man of the law out of retirement and 40, 000 people visited Clyde’s body and 50,000 to Bonnie’s, they really were the famous criminal man and women duo that were all so in love.

If you ever have the opportunity to go watch this, then do because it was brilliant, especially with the crew, costumes, props, location and of course the amazing cast which included; Bonnie Parker (played by Holliday Grainger), Clyde Barrow (Emile Hirsch), Blanche Barrow (Sarah Hyland), P.J. Lane (Elizabeth Reaser), Buck Barrow (Lane Garrison), Cummie Barrow (Dale Dickey), Ted Hinton (Austin Hebert), Emma Parker (Holly Hunter), Henry Barrow (David Jensen), Henry Methvin (Garrett Kruithof), Frank Hammer (William Hurt). You can see from this list just how brilliantly talented the cast was for this two-part drama, which made this drama even more special.

This was a great two-part drama that showed the story of Bonnie & Clyde and how they were brought up, there families and how they both became to meet and fall in love. This story was very different from what I expected but it was brilliant all the same and taught me about there lives and why they are all so important in the American history and I found it so interesting and I feel like I have learnt something from this story and if you watch you will too, I mean it is Bonnie & Clyde after all…

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