#83 Elle Decoration – 25 Years

2014-02-15 22.32.06

Elle Decoration has been going for 25 years and being ‘The worlds leading homes magazine’ you don’t need to wonder why, what a brilliant achievement for Elle Decoration.

Being a part of the Elle magazine world already with my monthly subscription of Elle UK which I have had for over 6 years now, I was always aware of the Elle Decoration magazine and it was only whilst I was out last month that I decided to pick up the February issue and loved it so much that this month bought the March issue and from just a couple of days ago is now the new owner of a subscription which is half the price that it should be and gives me any back issues of 2014 so I then will be able to collect the complete 12 issue collection which celebrates their 25th anniversary of this brilliant magazine.

I am waiting for my January issue to come in this post and have just finished the March issue which was superb. The February issue is the ‘The travel report of 2014’ and the March issue focusing on ‘Kitchens and Bathrooms’ which was just marvellous to the point which in both magazines I have folded corners of the page to remind me what home ware items I love and would love to own in my own house once I decide to move out and find it.

I cannot wait for the rest of the year issues and the cool different articles and items that I will be introduced to in the next 9 months, going to be very exciting. This magazine is so exciting and I just love that a magazine can do that to people and to me, cannot wait for the next issue to land on my door stop and I will be blogging about my Elle Decoration Collection when I have collected all 12 issues this year and I know you all will just love it as well.

So go buy a copy, you know you want to. I mean it is the world leading homes magazine after all…



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