#82 Mr Selfridge, Into Series 2

Mr Selfridge


So I have recently just finished getting myself up to date with the marvellous ITV programme called ‘Mr Selfridge (2013)’, which is based upon Mr Selfridge himself and bringing the famous and brilliant Selfridge store to life. I have been wanting to watch this for absolutely ages since I first saw it being advertised & then when I found out that the second series was coming back on our screens onto ITV I knew it was time to get into this marvellous programme that everyone was raving about.


mr selfridge and his women

So I decided to watch the first series, made up of 10 episodes – starting from the first episode in which he starts to get the shop ready, getting a backer (the money), the staff, the departments ready and then a year on for when the shop is opened an the series carries on with the trials and tribulations of what goes into the running of Selfridge and how that affects himself, his family and the working staff. Series two has just started, episode four will be on, on Sunday. This time it has been five-year since the shop opened and what has happened since that time, some new faces and some old faces appear, war comes to Britain and even more drama is filled with this series and it is just brilliant. Cannot wait for Sunday’s episode.



What makes this series so brilliant is the amazing cast that feature in this programme including; Mr Harry Selfridge (played by Jermey Piven), Agnes Towler (Aisling Loftus), Mr Crabb (Ron Cook), Kitty Hawkins (Amy Beth Hayes), Mr Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill), Henri Leclair (Gregory Fitoussi), Rose Selfridge (Frances O’Connor), Victor Colleano (Trystan Gravelle), Lady Mae Loxley (Katherine Kelly), Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington), Fraser (Malcolm Rennie), Frank Edwards (Samuel West), George Towler (Calum Callaghan), Doris (Lauren Crace), Lois Selfridge (Kika Markham), Rosalie Selfridge (Poppy Lee Friar), Gordon Selfrdge (Greg Austin/Adam Wilson), Violette Selfridge (Freya Wilson), Beatrice Selfridge (Raffey Cassidy), Ellen Love (Zoe Tapper), Mr Perez (Timothy Watson), Tony Travers (Will Payne), Miss Bunting (Pippa Haywood), Miss Ravillious (Anna Madeley), Roddy (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), Reg Towler (Nick Moran), Franco (Sean Teale), Miss Plunkett (Sadie Shimmin), Mr Thackerey (Cal Macaninch), Pimble (Amanda Lawrence), Lord Loxley (Aidan McArdle), Delphine Day (Polly Walker) & that is just naming half but most of the main faces that make up this very talented cast.


Of course not only having a wonderful cast to make this series pretty amazing, you also have the crew making it look brilliant, the costumes and decor that is all right to the date this programme is set in, the whole show is just pure brilliant which is why I love it, plus I love the era it is set and finding a little more about a bit of British History even if it is a drama, it is my favourite programme of the time at the moment, just love it!

Go watch a little bit of Mr Selfridge and you will fall in love with the show, just like I did and still do….

Mr_ Selfridge poster




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