#81 Hudson-Taylor


I have to write a quick post about this new music talent which has been circling the music world called Hudson-Taylor.

Hudson Taylor (previously Harry & Alfie) are an Irish folk pop duo formed in 2011. The duo consists of brothers Alfie (19) and Harry (21) Hudson-Taylor, who are currently signed to Polydor Records in the UK.[1] They grew up in Dublin, where their father was a musician and their mother was a dancer, and they began busking at a young age. Prior to being signed they released their debut EP Battles in August 2012, which reached #1 on iTunes Ireland and #14 on iTunes UK.[2] In November 2012 they released their Cinematic Lifestyle EP, following up in October 2013 with their Osea EP. The band is now recording its first full length album, which is yet to have a release date. They recently went on to play in many Irish cities and towns notably in the Roisin Dubh in Galway city for The Galway Arts festival (2013). (from Wikipedia)



I first listened to Hudson-Taylor on BBC Radio 1, their folk/pop duo was exactly the kind of music I love listening too, so when I heard their music on the Radio it was defiantly a band that I wanted to keep listening too. What is brilliant as well is the fact they have been going for nearly three full years and are doing so, so well including playing at festivals, touring, being played on popular well know radio stations like BBC RADIO 1.


I cannot wait for their new song ‘Weapons’ to be released on March 16th, am so excited to be listening to that song on the radio and adding it to my list of love of Hudson-Taylor.







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