#80 Did you see the Grammys, 56th in 2014



I have to blog about the Grammy’s that were on a fortnight/3 weeks ago on the 26th January, it was the 56th music award show that was held in LA in 2014. This just like every year out did the last year’s show, it was amazing!! Performances from Beyoncé and Jay Z, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamer, Sir Paul McCartney & Ringo Star, Katy Perry. Each performance was pretty amazing!!



For me the Grammys are such a big aspect of the music industry and the music award shows, they are up there with the biggest and this year they proved once again why they are. For me this show gives you an update on what the music year has given us, the songs that were introduced to us within the last year and the moments that were made with the music that I was introduced to.



You have the amazing LL Cool J present the awards with an amazing opener by Beyoncé ft. her husband Jay Z which was the talk of the town, the amazing outfit and suit they both wore and the whole show was the great way to open up the ceremony. It then had the awards that were presented by all kinds of people including Anna Kendrick, she is a definite favourite of mine. Of course than the other performances that I have mentioned above which were amazing too.




This show was just brilliant and I cannot wait for the next one to feature a year from now, showing all the interesting new music that we will be introduced to this year.







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