#78 The Wolf of Wall Street is FANTASTIC


‘Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.’

The Wolf of Wall Street is a brilliant film. On Saturday night I visited he cinema, the last time I went to the cinema was with my sister where we watched Leonardo DiCaprio feature in a film very different to this one, that was The Great Gatsby, that was also the last time I went to the cinema. This film lasted 3 hours (180 minutes) of pure brilliance all the way through, this film was nothing I have ever seen before and it was truly remarkable that Jordan Belfort lived his life in this manner, these events happened and he is still alive with all that drug taking…

This film is based on true events, Leo plays Jordan Belfort a stock broker he becomes the big cheese, starts his own business and makes a lot, a lot of money. He makes this money in part illegally, he spends his money buying illegal substances (drugs) like Cocaine. He buys a huge yacht, gets married twice, spends a lot of money on hookers and has the craziest parties you can ever have. This film is based closely to the real events of Jordan, which you can read in the book that was written by Mr Belfort himself. (picture below)



The real Jordan is even in the film, near the end which I think is a brilliant touch, it is subtle and a perfect way to end the film. Whilst watching this film, you feel like you are taking the journey with Jordan but not sure what is going to happen next. The life he lives is crazy and nothing you have ever seen before, how someone lives his life-like that for over five years and still survives amazes me. Martin Scorsese makes this film pure brilliant, the way he has Leonardo sometimes narrating, sometimes speaking to the camera, the way he flash’s back on events, humour, sex, drugs, arguments, parties, affairs, nudity… well it is just brilliant and the film might be a three-hour film but every minute that makes this film was exactly right and showed just how wild Jordan’s life was.

I have to take a minute about the cast because it was a brilliant one; Director (Martin Scrorsese), Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), Donnie Azoff (Jonah Hill), Naomi Lapaglia (Margot Robbie), Mark Hanna (Matthew McConaughey), Agent Patrick Denham (Kyle Chandler), Max Belfort (Rob Reiner), Brad (Jon Bernthal), Manny Riskin (Jon Favreau), Jean Jacques Saurel (Jean Dujardin), Aunt Emma (Joanna Lumley), Teresa Petrillo (Cristin Milioti), Leah Belfort (Christine Ebersole), Captain Ted Beecham (Shea Whigham), Chantelle (Katarine Cas), Nicky Koskoff/Rugrat (R.J. Byrne), Chester Ming (Kenneth Choi), Robbie Feinberg/Pinhead (Brian Sacca), Alden Kupferberg/Sea Otter (Henry Zebrowski), Toby Welch (Ethan Suplee), Peter DeBlasio (Barry Rothbart), Steve Madden (Jake Hoffman), Hildy Azoff (Mackenzie Meehan), Bo Dieti (himself) – and that is just half of the cast, (visit the rest on the imdb link at the bottom of this post).

Producer Aziz, cast members DiCaprio, Robbie, Hill and producer McFarland arrive for U.K. Premiere of "The Wolf of Wall Street" at Leicester Square, in London



As you can see this film is full of talented cast which is suited for this film as it is so superb, I recommend everybody to go see this film because it is brilliant.

Pure Brilliant!!!!

The Wolf of Wall Street - Sep 2013



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