#75 Company Magazine, #mynewobession

I currently have two magazine subscriptions; Elle and EmpireFilm and Fashion are my two passions and I love having both these magazines arrive on my door stop month by month. I also have a Glossy box subscription which comes with a small min magazine and of course the box full of five beauty goodies and now I have decided to start collecting Company magazines, I just love the way that they have such cool icons on the front of the covers, the fashion styles that are illustrated in the magazine, the cool and different column’s that are written by some cool and interesting people.

 2014-01-22 11.39.34   2014-01-22 11.40.02

  2014-01-22 11.40.15   2014-01-22 11.39.14

I have recently just picked up the February 2014 magazine and it has one of my favourite girl bands right now on the cover, ‘Haim‘. After reading the magazine and the interview of Haim I loved the band and the magazine even more. I think this magazine is brilliant for girls from the age to 16 and to about 30 because it has everything you want in a magazine that is age appropriate but not to young or to old at the same time. It is has some really interesting and different aspects in this email which is different to the ones I already receive.

Company magazine is brilliant and I am so excited to see what this year holds in terms of this magazine, who will be on the covers of the next 10 months and what interesting articles, fashion statements and style tips we have waiting for us each month for the rest of this year – 2014. Very exciting stuff and I hope this short post has interested in you into picking up a Company magazine when you next see it on the shelves.









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