#74 One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill aired on our screens in 2003, the pilot episode introduces you to a group of young teenagers in their school lives, each with all different walks of life but has something they all enjoy love, friendship and basketball. They are Lucas, Nathan, Brooke, Peyton, Haley. Nathan; has parents that are falling out of love, a dad that is controlling and is all about Basketball, Nathan is an arrogant boy who has a talent for playing Basketball and has no real respect until he meets Haley, the intelligent, talented musician who falls in love with Nathan. Lucas, Nathan’s half-brother is best friends with Haley, who has a passion for basketball also and is interested in Brooke and Peyton. Brooke and Peyton are best friends, Brooke loves fashion and herself, Peyton is into music and is dating Nathan. These five teenagers fall into each other’s past and that is how OTH starts.

The Cast that feature in One Tree Hill; Lucas Scott (played by Chad Michael Murray), Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), Marvin McFadden/Mouth ( Lee Norris), Haley James/Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Lenz), Brooke Davis ( Sophia Bush), Peyton Sawyer/Peyton Scott (Hilarie burton), Antwon Taylor/Skills (Antwon Tanner), Deb Scott/Deb Lee (Barbara Alyn Woods), James Lucas Scott  (Jackson Brundage), Millicent Huxtable (Lisa Goldstein Kirsch), Coach Whitey Durham (played by Barry Corbin), Karen Roe (Moira Kelly), Julian Baker (Austin Nichols), Keith Scott (Craig Sheffer), Quinn James/Fletcher (Shantel VanSanten), Clayton Evans (Robert Buckley), Chase Adams (Stephen Colletti), Rachel Gattina (Daneel Ackles), Fergie Thompson (Vaughn Wilson), Alex Dupre (Jana Kramer), Junk Moretti (Cullen Moss), Victoria Davis (Daphne Zuniga), Bevin Mirskey (Bevin Prince), Mia Catalano (Kate Voegele), Tim Smith (Brett Claywell), Chuck Scolnik (Michael May), Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton), Jake Jagielski (Bryan Greenberg), Lauren (Allison Munn), Samantha Walker (Ashley Rickards), Andy Hargrove (Kieren Hutchison), Gigi Silveri (Kelsey Chow), Principal Turner (Shawn Shepard), Dan Scott (Dan Johansson), Jerry (Bradley Evans), Lindsey Strauss (Michaela McManus), Quentin Fields (Robbie Jones), Madison (Katherine Landry), Carrie (Torrey DeVitto), Owen Morello (Joe Manganiello), Katie Ryan/Sara Evans (Amanda Schull), Miranda Stone (India de Beaufort), Anna Taggaro (Daniella Alonso), Felix Taggaro (Michael Copon), Paul Norris (Gregory Harrison), Jules (Maria Menounos), Alexander Coin (Mitch Ryan), Grubbs (Mike Grubbs), Nicki (Emmanuelle Vaugier), Ellie Harp (Sheryl Lee), Andre Fields (Jaden Harmon), Taylor James (Lindsey McKeon), Derek/Ian Banks (Matt Barr), Renee Richardson (Kate French), David Lee Fletcher (Scott Holroyd), Erin Macree (Laura Lzibor), Josh Avery (Paul Teal), Xavier (Devin McGree), Logan (Pierce Gagnon), Syliva Baker (Sharon Lawrence), Larry Sawyer (Kevin Kilner), Dr August Kellerman (Peter Riegert), Cooper Lee (Michael Trucco), Shelley Simon (Elizabeth Harnois), Ted Davis (Richard Burgi), Derek Sommers (Ernest Waddell), Jack Daniels (Evan Peters), Lydia James (Bess Armstong), Jimmy Edwards (Colin Fickes).

Throughout the 9 series a lot happens, you have; Deaths, Marriages, Divorce, Separation, Music Tours, Cheating, Crazy Nanny’s, Drugs, Fashion, Music Labels, New Babies, Kidnapping, Murder, Basketball, Weddings, Funerals, Holidays, Friendship, Stalkers, Jail Time, Love, Parties, College, Memories, Depression, Heartbreak, Babies, Fun.

Series 1 ‘The heartbreak, challengers, lies and loves that erupt from the fateful new relationship between Lucas and Nathan.’

Series 2 ‘The powerful saga of secrets kept and secrets revealed.’ 

Series 3 ‘Secrets, shocks, senior year: memories that will never fade away.’

Series 4 ‘Dreams, schemes, graduation – the completion of Senior Year!’

Series 5 ‘Four years later… college is over. Life begins!

Series 6 ‘Staying together. Falling apart. Life hits home in season 6!’

Series  7 ‘Friends and lovers, fame and fate – everything happens in Tree Hill’

Series 8 ‘Hope, heartbreak and a hurricane’

Series 9 ‘One tree hill, one last time.’

One_Tree_Hill_-_Season_1_-_DVD    One_Tree_Hill_-_Season_2_-_DVD    untitled  One_Tree_Hill_-_Season_4_-_DVD

OTH-Season-5-DVD-Cover-one-tree-hill-1502682-385-500   OneTreeHill_S6_f   One Tree Hill Season 7 DVD

2D_DVD    Series-9-Pack-Shot-2D-Large


It takes you on the journey of the cast in One Tree Hill, saying goodbye to some, hello to some new people and reuniting some old and new friends together. Series 9 ended in 2012, where you see the characters and friends finalised there lives and carry on living.

I love this television series because even though it has a lot of elements that a lot of other series have it but this series is different it brings you all different kind of scenarios, some are not the best, some are happy, some sad but a lot realistic. Another great aspect of this series is the music that is surrounded by the episodes and the quotes that surround this series. At either the start or end or even both there are quotes narrated that are relevant to each episode which makes it even more poetic.

Nine series, over nine years, 40 characters, five love stories, many, many friendships.




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