#72 Sherlock Series Three, been & gone



Sherlock was back on our screens not so long ago with Mr Holmes (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and Dr Watson (played by Martin Freeman). Series three started with a bang before it was even on our screens, there was so much coverage through the BBC ( to advertise the new series) which was good for me because I didn’t really watch series 1 & 2 as closely as I should have and I regret this massively because series three was brilliant. What I love about this television series is how long the episodes are an hour and a half, no breaks (double bonus) and how short the series is (the wait for the next series, is too long though!).

Series Three started with so many questions from the finale of series two, Mr Sherlock fell from the top of the building, Mr Watson thinks he is dead and two years have passed. Mr Watson has been dating a lovely women Mary Morstan (played by Amanda Abbing). Of course you then have the other brilliant characters in this cast including Mrs Hudson (played by Una stubbs) she lives below Sherlock, takes care of his house and makes tea for everyone that pops in. DI Lestrade (played by Rupert Graves) the police officer that always needs Sherlock’s help. Then you have Mycroft Holmes (played by Mark Gatiss), Sherlock’s brother – who likes to keep an eye on his brother from time to time. Jim Moriarty (played by Andrew Scott) the Villain of the series, who after leaving series two does like to pop up in series three in Sherlock’s imagination and then at the end of the series leaving the brilliant series on a cliff-hanger again. Molly Hooper (played by Louise Brealey) who we all kind of know has a huge crush on Mr Sherlock.


In Series Three you have three episodes;

1. The Empty Hearse – The welcoming back of Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mr Watson is not best pleased. The Introducing of Mary, Watson’s girlfriend and some more interesting new investigations to be found.

2. The Sign of Three – Mr Watson and Mary falling in love and the mystery is worked out.

3. His Last Vow – Everything seems to unravel, we find out the real identity of Mrs Mary Watson, who this man is that keeps appearing with the weird glasses, the location of the vault, Sherlock Holmes plan and the re-appearance of the villain Moriarty!

So you see where the cliff-hanger is all about now. I cannot wait for Series Four of Sherlock to come back on our screens, I think it is going to be a good series to come especially with that Villain is back on our screens!!

Stay Tuned for that & if your like me that has only just started watching this brilliant BBC drama then even though you have missed 11 episodes, it is defiantly worth tuning in when it comes back onto our screens in 2014.




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