#63 Elle Magazine January 2014 has arrived.



One of the best things about having a subscription with Elle UK is the fact your magazine arrives just that little bit earlier before it is released to everyone on the shelves in the shops. ELLE UK January 2014 magazine came through the post with a bang and the beautiful cover girl Suki Waterhouse, who is just pure delightful and not knowing who she was before the magazine came out I am disappointed because I love her already.

Suki Waterhouse - Elle Magazine UK January 2014 2

This magazine was fantastic and it was a perfect way to start the New Year with for ELLE, for FASHION & for ME. I just loved all of the sectors in this magazine including the powerful story of Tattoos and the journey in which they take you on negative & positive. The lovely fashion spreads, the trends, the beauty features. Everything about this magazine I love and Elle have done it again to make it even more fantastic, colourful, emotional & of course special.

I wanted to write about this magazine on my blog because of how near 2014 is approaching us and Christmas being tomorrow because this magazine is my zen, it allows me to just chill and read this magazine in peace, I curl up into a ball and just forget and fully concentrate on the task in hand – reading Elle, especially January 2014 Elle. I love everything about this magazine in my opinion it has everything you need to make up a brilliant magazine, everything for every kind of reader which is what makes me excited for it to come through the post and for me to keep renewing my subscription.

I just adore me some Elle UK, I didn’t want to write this post like I was going to review the magazine, I just wanted to mention the magazine to express my love for it and saying how wonderful the January 2014 issue and how excited I am to get the rest of the issues this year & I hope this makes someone finishing this post and go buy a copy when it is released to everyone.

Suki Waterhouse - Elle Magazine UK January 2014 3

I loved my Elle January 2014 magazine so much, I Instagramed it.







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