#62 Karl Pilkington: The moaning of Life is complete.


On Saturday I only had one more episode of Karl Pilkington: The Moaning Of Life and now I am complete. The Five-part series had five very interesting episodes in it which were; 1. Marriage, 2. Happiness, 3. Children, 4. Vocation & Money and 5. Death. In each episode Karl travels the world to see how the people do it, looking into how marriages work and the celebrations, what makes people happy or starting families, having children, what money does and jobs and death. This series was just brilliant even though it looked at some important and interesting things to think about when it comes to life, Karl did it in a way which created humour as well when needed, to lighten the mood.


I think my love for the show also comes from thinking Karl Pilkington is just a brilliant human being, I have watched a lot of the television series with him in it and they have been just so good. I find them all funny, interesting, you defiantly learn something when he goes onto his travels. I kind of feel like I am with him when he goes on these little adventures, they make good television and he is just hilarious so all in all a pretty good mix.


Each episode in this series brought you interesting characters, interesting situations and interesting stories that are discovered by Karl on his journey through each episode and I like the fact that in this series it is discovering a little bit more about the journey of Karl and now because he has turned 40 he needs to start thinking about the important factors of life as it is.


This series was short but bloody hilarious and fantastic and I’m so excited for what Karl will be up to next.




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