#61 I love ‘Liberty Of London’



I have, have to review this show I watched recently called Liberty Of London, I absolutely loved it and it is defiantly worth a mention on my blog. This show is a four-part series which looks into the stages in which Liberty get’s ready for Christmas. We see behind the scenes of how Liberty works and functions and introduced to the staff that make Liberty successful and the people who buy the beautiful bits and bobs that keep Liberty going.

This shows gives the audience a deep look into the heritage of Liberty, how it works and more importantly how Liberty gets ready for the 6 week Christmas period. We get introduced to all the staff which include the Ed Burstell, Liberty’s MD who was brought into reshape Liberty’s and start allowing it to make an even bigger profit before and it has done just that.


The programme introduced us to all of the different departments including Perfumes, Beauty, Haberdashery, Stationary, Beauty, Homewear, Children’s, Fabrics, Christmas, Men’s, and Women’s and then introduced us to all the different staff that worked in each departing including the Christmas staff that are brought in for the six-week Christmas busy period. It was really interesting to see what different departments are inside that beautiful Liberty building. It’s interesting to see how Liberty works and functions on a day-to-day basis.



Ashley - Head of VIP Relations and Clientele


You had the famous Brown Bear feature in many of the show which was just under £2,000 and was bought in the third episode. The bear was a brilliant buy and was just lovely that someone bought him for Christmas even though a lot of people didn’t think he would be sold.


The series concluded with an amazing afternoon event of the Liberty building having her lights turned on and the  Christmas windows being revealed to the public and it finished with a bang, everything looked brilliant.

This show made me fall in Love with Liberty’s all over again and it was great to see what Liberty’s is all about, the staff that work there, the team’s day-to-day schedule, how they run the Christmas shop, the inspiration that goes into making Christmas at Liberty’s all that more special, the passion everyone who steps into the building has for the brand and the British heritage it has become.


After the series finished, a couple of days later I popped into to have a good look around and feel the warmth of Liberty’s. It was even more special than I remembered it from my last visit. Liberty’s is and will always be a great British Heritage and it makes The Great Marlborough Street all that more exciting and special. If you have never gone and visited Liberty, do it is pure brilliance and even if you only go to window shop, it is defiantly worth it.






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