#57 Glee!



It is official I’m a GLEEK.

I love everything about Glee and have been watching it since series one in 2009 when it all started fast forward three years and I’m now watching series 5. Tune into Glee at 9pm on Sky one on Friday where the next episode, episode four will be aired.

After the devastating news that Cory Monteith who plays Finn in the show died before the series went to air meant that everything was put on hold. Then the series came back and we have just had episode three which is the episode for Cory & it was beautiful, I cried the whole way through but Ryan Murphy (writer) did an amazing job and I think everyone was happy to see him go the way he did in Glee.

Series three is bringing a lot of fun back into the show with two new characters being bought in. You have Dani (played by Demi Lovato) and in episode four which airs tomorrow you have Elliott ‘Starchild’ Gilbert (played by Adam Lambert) both  have musical backgrounds and are super talented.



I have leant that Glee is not shy of bringing amazing & talented people on board, for example you have the character Cassandra July (played by Kate Hudson) or Sandy Reyerson (played by Stephen Tobolowsky), Carmen Tibideaux (played by Whoopi Goldberg), Holly Holliday (played by Gwyneth Paltrow), Isabella Wright (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), Rupert Campion (played by Peter Facinell), Josh Groban as himself, Grace Hitchens (played by Eve), Paolo (played by Loan Gruffudd), Hilram Berry (played by Jeff Goldblum), Oliva Newton-John as herself, Perez Hilton as himself, Helen Mirren. As you can see by this list that Glee is full of superstars.

I love at the start of every episode of Glee, you have a quick comedic summary as to what has been going on in the last episode, mentioning key events and the key points in the characters lives. Originality that is what makes Glee so famous and well-known because it is original. They face key issues every episode which is really important. In the last five series Glee has looked at Bulimia, Teenage Pregnancy, Cancer, Homosexuality, Suicide, Bullying, Disability, Death, Birth, Love, Heartbreak, Marriage, Funeral, Down Syndrome, Drugs, OCD, Weight, Sex, CatFish,  Racism, Crossdresses. You see this show brings all these issues to light in the correct manner and resolves it in the correct manner as well.


This series has started with Kurt and Rachel in New York, Rachel has now bagged the role of Fanny in Funny Girl. Santana has a new girlfriend Dani. Will is getting ready for the next competition, Blane has proposed to Kurt, Sue is now principle the old principle, Principal figgins is now the school’s genitor and there is plenty more to come!

Series five is going to be a great series even though we have lost an amazing character Finn and actor Cory, the series will be brilliant & he will always be remembered on GLEE.



Go tune in!






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