Keeping Up with the Kardashians - Season 8

KUTWK is shortened for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this reality television series started in 2007 and 6 years later is going stronger than ever & I love it. Series 8 has just finished so it feel like it is the right time to talk KUTWK.

I have only recently got involved properly watching this show, It all started when I was ill and started to watch the re-runs on television & then when series 6 was on I decided to watch it and from then till now I am religious about watching the show! I cannot get enough of the Kardashians (in a non creepy way). I think they represent America in a brilliant way especially as Americans express their love for families and this one is huge and full of love. Yes they have made millions in merchandise, reality television and there many labels but for me I think they symbolise an ordinary family, we are all a little bit dysfunctional, we have rows, marriages, babies, holidays, dates, new homes, dinners etc, which is exactly what is on this show and gives it the normality that no other reality television does which is why it has done so well.

This show is a mixture of Kardashians and Jenners, let me introduce you to them all, you have;

Kris Houghton (58) who became Kris Kardashian after she married Robert Kardashian Sr. They had four children Kourtney Kardashian (34), Kim Kardashian (33), Khloe Kardashian (29) & Robert Kardashian Jr (26). Then Robert Sr died due to cancer. Kris then got remarried to Bruce Jenner (64) who already had three sons Burt Jenner (35) he has a different mum to Brandon Jenner (32) & Brody Jenner (30), Brandon has wife Leah Felder married for 1 year. Kris and Bruce then had two daughters Kendall Jenner (18) & Kylie Jenner (16).



Kourtney has long term parner Scott Disick (30) they have two children together Mason (3ish) and Penelope (1ish). Khloe has husband Lamar (34) married of four years. Kim is now engaged to Kanye West (36) & have a baby girl together called North (6monthsish).


This series ended with Kylie having her sweet 16 & Rob having a conversation with Khloe about him moving out and her spilling the beans on what is going on with Lamar to the whole family. Next series is going to be really interesting & will defiantly clear a lot up of what is in the tabloids at the moment. I cannot wait for series 9 next year it is going to be so much fun watching them all as their lives progress, so if anyone is reading at watch it keep up to date with E! on Sky to see when it will be next on!






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