#51 Karl Pilkington; The moaning of life


Karl Pilkington is back & I am so glad he is! Karl in my opinion is pure brilliant. After three series of An Idiot abroad, the last series having the wonderfully Warwick Davis in it. The three series based on Karl Pilkington making a bucket list & crossing them off as it goes around. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant organise this and add little things to this journey along Karl’s way. The third series features Warwick (like I mentioned before) which for me is just pure brilliant and brings even more entertainment to the show because of the way that Karl & Warwick squabble with each other through the series.


So now we have a new series on our screens on Sky One Karl Pilkington: The moaning of life which sees him travel the world looking at the things that make up life, seeing as he has just hit the age of 40 he wants to know what all these things are all about & why society see them as such major events in one’s life. So fair in the first series you have episode 1 to 4, you have had Marriage, Happiness, Children and episode four (the latest episode) Vocation and money.

The latest episode sees Kyle visit Japan and look at a man whose vocation is doing odd jobs for somebody so for example you see Karl clean carpets, clean paper windows where he breaks one and moans about not having a cup of tea and the lady staring at him & wondering why she can’t just do the jobs. Then he is off to be a nude model for a fine art class and with some protest ends up having his belly on show! Then he pops off to LA to see the art of modelling, seeing as he has had a taste for it in Japan he decides to go pro in LA and succeeds massively!

For me Karl is just pure entertainment, each episode has made me laugh especially episode two where he meets Justin in LA who gets happiness from plastic surgery and Karl decides to give it ago and understands how he can find happiness especially after spending £2000 on treatment and says quote ‘I think I was happy when the lady kept saying how good-looking I was’.

Having recently watched Karl on the Alan Carr show you understand this isn’t an act and that is what makes it even better! Got to love a bit of Kyle. If you haven’t yet watched any of this series do go & tune in because it is just pure brilliant!

Cannot wait for episode five this Sunday!


I will be sure to review this series on my blog once it has finished.




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