#50 Departed Magazine: The Mcfly feature


I have recently been working in London and when I get off of the tube I find myself greeted with some lovely gentlemen  (that constantly look cold) handing out newspapers and magazines such as; Shortlist, Metro, City Am, Stylists, London out and Departed.

I’m always picking them up to see of any good interviews and articles, I got the departed, one morning a week ago and only found Mcfly on the cover which then led to an interview discussing their 10 year music career. Personally I can’t believe it has been that long since Mcfly have been a band, 2003 I mean that seems forever ago and the fact that they have all grown up, some married, some now expecting children (Tom Fletcher and his beautiful wife telling the news via YouTube and pumpkins) recently. The message that bands can last a decade and go through all the different transitions of life and of a band.

Like every band Mcfly have their ups and downs including rehab treatment for exhaustion, breakups, marriages, soon to be babies. They have done it all and I love the fact they are still together. They have a sixth album coming out next year and are performing live at The Royal Albert Hall for four consecutive nights (who ever has tickets, I am so jealous) that show will be amazing!

This article really brought home how we put musicians on such a pedestal and really they are just normal people, they said them themselves how normal they are, how being in the public eye can’t always be fun but the fact they have done it for ten years and still making music is pretty damn amazing.

Go find a copy of department and read the amazing interview and stare at the gorgeous photos of the fours boys Tom, Harry, Danny and Doughie that make up Mcfly!

It’s a cracker!



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