#48 The Originals


The Originals have just come onto our screens (via Sky on channel Syfy). If you have only just been introduced to The Originals you would probably not know that they were introduced to myself and many others on the start of Series 4 of The Vampire Diaries but now they have moved on and have their very own show which is just so exciting and I have watched the first few episodes and they are just amazing!


Back Story Follows: 

The Originals have been on the earth for like FOREVER. They were made Vampires by their Witch mother Century ago and are the longest living vampires around. They moved around and the series starts with them being in New Orleans USA. Here they will be pulled into many other people’s drama and stories.


The Originals exist of Klaus Mikaelson (played by Joseph Morgan), Rebeckah Mikaelson (played by Claire Holt), Elijah Mikaelson (played by Daniel Gillies). Then you have Vampire Marcel Gerard (played by Charles Michael Davis) right now Marcel is a friend/enemy of the originals. Then you have Hayley (played by Phoebe Tonkin) who after a one night stand with Klaus (who is half wolf, half vampire also known as a Hybrid, the mother original had an affair with a wolf) is now pregnant (Hayley is also a wolf). Then you have Sophie Deveraux (played by Daniella Pineda) she is a witch with a whole another agenda, which I’m sure will be discovered throughout the series. Then you have Davina (played by Daniella Campbell) a very powerful Witch. Then you have Camille O’Connell (played by Leah Pipes) who is the love interest of Klaus and Marcel with some hidden stories that come to surface through out the series.

So you can see that a lot will be happening in this series, the Originals love to have some surprises and if you watched in the The Vampire Diaries then you will love them in their own very show.

I hope you enjoy the series and let’s hope it makes a second!





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