#47 Back on our screens

Everything has suddenly come back on our televisions with a bang and I love it. You have series 3 of Homeland, series 5 of The Vampire Diaries, series 2 of The Carrie Diaries & series 6 if Made In Chelsea.

– Homeland Series 3


Homeland is back, series 3 is going to be even more intense! I have watched the first five episodes and I have to say the 4th episode was unbelievably good! This series is just so clever and I think that is why this series is so popular. Series two was left with Carrie turning up when people thought she was dead after an explosion at the CIA headquarters. Brody on the run and Saul being put in charge. Coming back with a bang, with the explosion still on everyone’s thoughts. Brody is not even introduced in till the 2nd or 3rd episode and then you have Carrie being sectioned again but all is revealed in episode 4 and tonight is episode 6 on channel 4 at 9pm. I’m super excited for that!

This series will bring more questions and more answers and they will hopefully get rid of some more bad guys! I cannot wait for tonight’s episode and if are reading this and haven’t seen any of Homeland then go and purchase the first two series, you will not be disappointed.



– The Vampire Diaries series 5



The Vampire Diaries is back & back with a bump! Series four was left on a cliff hanger and it was a big one. You had Bonnie doing the spells of all spells to get Jeremy back but after being warned by her dead grandmother witch that messing with the balance of nature, this being one of them as she is bringing someone back from the dead, this will have consequences which ends up with Jeremy being alive and Bonnie dead.

You then have Siler who was a huge character in last’s series but not knowing his true identity until the very last-minute which finds him to look exactly like Stephen, Siler’s doppelganger is Stephen. So this series, returns with the audience knowing what Siler really looks like, that Bonnie is dead and only Jeremy knows, so there is a lot of things that everyone needs to know.

I have just watched episode five of this series and within those five episodes you have been introduced to Tessa (played by Janina Gavankar) who is the Witch that was in love with Siler. You find all the nitty-gritty details during the first few episodes to see what is actually going on, what is happening and I have seen these five episodes and they are just so good. Defiantly have more to look forward to as the series goes on!



– The Carrie Diaries series 2



I was so excited when I heard that The Carrie Diaries where coming back on our screens, I had finished the first series quite late so I did not have to wait long at all for it to come on and I have loved it since it has been back, with only two episodes watched, I can feel this series is going to be such a good one. Series one ended with Carrie cutting her best friend Maggie and her boyfriend Sebastian out of her life after finding out that they kissed, her moving to New York with her best guy friend Walt for the summer.

So when the second series starts she is still living in New York, still Maggie is cut out of her life and Sebastian is still an Ex-Boyfriend, I cannot wait to see how this series is going to unravel and will defiantly be posting a future post for when the series has finished. All I do know is there is a new lady on the block Samantha Jones which has brought fun and friendship and plenty more I’m sure on the way.



– Made In Chelsea series 6


Made in Chelsea is back on our screens with series 6 of the show, episode 5 will be airing our screens tomorrow at 10pm on E4, which I am very excited about. I love this show it is such an easy watch with the drama, fashion and parties they constantly have for me is exactly what I love to watch after a day of working and travelling, especially when you can see what happens next week which you gets you even more excited for next weeks episode.

This series focus on a group of you adults in there 20’s live the rich life in Chelsea where they all live, you have all different characters which include Jamie Lang, Alexandra Felstead (Binky), Spencer Matthews, Rosie Fortescue, Francis Boulle, Francesca Hull, Ollie Locke, Millie Mackintosh, Ollie Proudlock (known as proudlock), Louise Thompson, Mark Francis, Victoria Baker-Harber, Andy Jordan, Stevie Johnson, Lucy Watson, Fran Newman Young, Phoebe-Lettice Thompson & Alex Mytton.

Here the series is focusing on the love and the drama that comes with this show and for me I just love it. I cannot wait for the next episode tomorrow and what happens with all of the drama that comes with this show, going to be very exciting!





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