#43 My week of film history

For me this week has been full of films and I have ticked off a little bit more of my film bucket list.

I have watched some great films, all different and all brilliant because of their crew, cast, story’s, locations and the fact everyone has touched me and changed my out look from watching them.

I watched the following films;

1. Les Miserable

2. As cool as I am

3. Sin city

4. Won’t back down

5. Gangster Squad

6. Pitch Perfect

7. Django Unchained

8. Notting Hill

9. Alife

and I watched the following trailers on IMDB;

1. Frozen

2. The Awkward Moment

3. Parkland

4. Captain America: The winter solider

5. Neighbours

6. Old boy

7. The Book Thief

8. 12 Years a Slave

It just shows how we have such good films out there, for me this is one of the reasons why I want to work in the media industry so much because I feel like to be entertained can be an escape, fun or to learn something. Which is what all of the films I have watched have done and made me excited/intrigued to watch the trailers to see what they will be like.

If you have not seen any of the films you can watch them if you have an account with Sky Demand, Love Film, Netflix or rent/buy it, they are all brilliant.


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