#42 Glossy box number 3 Dark Romance

2013-10-15 13.28.33

2013-10-15 13.30.25

It’s that time again when my Glossy Box comes through the post and this month it is a good one. It’s called ‘The Dark Romance’ and it had some very good surprises in this month’s issue. Just like every box there is five beauty items for; nails, skin, fragrance.

This box was the iconic pink box with the black tissue paper and pink ribbon.

2013-10-15 13.30.16

In this box there was the following;

– MeMeMe, Cherub’s Blush – Cheek & Lip Tint. Full size £5.50 for 12ml.

– Katy Perry, Killer Queen Fragrance. Full size £29.50 for 50ml.

-Monu, Illuminating Primer. Full size £24.95 for 50ml.

– Premae, Multi – Vit Smoothie Serum. Full size £22.50 for 50ml.

– Broadway Nails, impress Press-On Manicure. Full size from £7.99, full set.

2013-10-15 13.31.39

In this box you get a whole mixture which I really like and I have learnt about completely new products. I think this is what I love about Glossy box, all of the product’s that are in this box are always new to me. This is my third box, that is fifteen beauty products I have been introduced to and half of these products I will go out and buy once my sample’s have finished.

What is great about this is the fact once you get your box and your five products once you have used them you do a survey on them each item gives you 50 glossy dots. 200 glossy dots a box. You need 1000 glossy dots to have a glossy box free. I am a box away from this, very exciting.

So please, if you have not subscribed please do so!

2013-10-15 13.30.31









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