#37 The Brighton Vintage Fair


Lou’s Lou’s vintage Fair is something I was introduced to by my sister and now we are addicted.

They have them every 3 months or so and my first was in June 2013, then I went to my second in September 2013 and now I am looking forward to the next one which is on November 3rd 2013. It has become a family outing of ours now including my mum, my sister and I. My sister’s boyfriend and friends have come along for the ride as well. We got to the one in Brighton in the dome theatre, (they have them all over the UK).

Each fair has completely different stalls then from the last, they also have stalls doing vintage style make-up and hair and the last one in September had a band, which were brilliant and I’m still hunting to find out who they are because they were so good.

The last one I went to in September had a really lovely stall, I bought a vintage milk bottle, my sister and mum bought some vintage teapot and jug. They were so lovely, they were called ‘The Siren Vintage’ and they were opening a shop up in Milton Keynes which is just brilliant.

I would defiantly recommend going and visiting the fair’s which ever one you choose to pop into because just like me you will defiantly find a little treasure. In the last two fair’s I have bought two pairs of vintage shoes, a necklace, a bag, a vintage milk bottle (the time when they used to advertise on them) and a vintage advertisement, advertising Carling Beer for my boyfriend.

Defiantly have done well I think.

An added extra is that they have a tea and cake section at the very back, again different people hold this. We decided to have some on my last visit, delicious tea and I had coffee and walnut cake, PURE SCRUMPTIOUS.

So please I go visit you will not be disappointed.










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