#35 My review of Rainman


So until recently I had never watched Rain man and having it on my bucket list and knowing that I’m depriving myself from a classic and brilliant film, I decided to watch it. Now all I knew about this film before watching it is that is stars two of the true talents of Hollywood acting including Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. Also Tom Cruise plays an arrogant brother and Dustin Hoffman plays a man with Autism.

Once I had watched this film, I of course had a lot more knowledge about the film.

So Charlie Babbitt (played by Tom Cruise) is the son of a wealthy man, who once he has is funeral finds out that he has a brother and that his brother was left a nice inheritance from THEIR father. So Charlie decides to go meet this brother of his and he basically wants to befriend him and get the inheritance that he thinks is his. So Charlie’s brother is Raymond Babbitt (played by Dustin Hoffman) who lives in a special house which is for adults with disability’s, Raymond has Autism. The IMDB plot is this ‘Selfish yuppie Charlie Babbitt’s father left a fortune to his savant brother Raymond and a pittance to Charlie; they travel cross country’.


The film then goes onto a journey where Charlie and Raymond become brothers and why Charlie has only just found out about his brother now. Well you find out in the film that when Raymond was a little older than Charlie he run a bath for Charlie and their was an accident with hot water and a bath and because of this the parents didn’t think it was wise that Raymond live with them because of his disability and that Charlie might be at risk.

At this point the story and film takes a complete different turn and you see two brothers growing to learn about each other and love each other. Charlie changes his tune and starts to look out for Raymond’s well-being and is really beautiful at the end.




For me this film is really close to my heart because my brother Thomas has Autism and when I look at the Raymond character in this film, a lot of how he acts is so very like a person with Autism would be like and what my brother is like. Which I think is lovely especially as this film was made in 1988, it shows that the public have an understanding and research was done when this film was made.


This film for me is purely beautiful and it will defiantly be one I will re-watch, it’s a classic at the end of the day.



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