#33 I love a bit of Meg Ryan, When Harry met Sally & You’ve got mail






This blog is going to talk about two of the greatest films ever (in my opinion) which are You’ve got mail and When Harry met Sally. The thing that these two films have in common is Meg Ryan. So read on because I’m sure it will make you want to watch both of these films and a little bit more of Meg because she is a pure talent.


– Meg Ryan


Well Meg Ryan became an actress in 1981 and we have loved having her on our screens ever since. 8 years later she was part of the combined package that made up the lovely film that is my favourite ‘When Harry met sally’. She has plenty of experience in front of the big screen and I have to tell you, every film I have watched her been in is defiantly on my bucket list of films. She just has such a lovely presence on camera and she I perfect in a romantic, plus they are always the best. I have recently found out whilst researching her history on IMDB that she is the voice of Anastasia in the Disney film Anastasia which is aired in 1997. I love that film so I think I might be biased. Biased or not she is still a true talent and makes the film screens look even more lovely.


– When Harry met Sally 1989



This film is a true romantic love story. With Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal this is a story which is revolved around two people and the journey of there lives; work, sex, love and Harry & Sally.

So the story of ‘When Harry met Sally’, is about Sally Albright (played by Meg Ryan) and Harry Burns (played by Billy Crystal) they meet when they share a drive from college to their new life. Through years their friendship blossoms but if they ever do have a romantic and sexual relationship will this effect their friendship all over again. Through the years they are friends, there are marriages, divorces, break ups, awkward sex, happiness, depression, work, jobs, travelling. Whilst Harry and Sally still say friends, this film is pure love. I love it, it’s mine and my boyfriends film and you will know why when you watch it, it has everything you need and it is a classic!!

– You’ve got mail 1998


This is such a good film, a lovely classic. A romantic story and the whole mystery about the two people is just great. Of course it has the lovely Meg Ryan and Tom hanks which are just two of a brilliant cast.

So the story of ‘You’ve got mail’, Kathleen Kelly (played by Meg Ryan) owns her own personal book shop, in a relationship until she gets chatting to someone via the internet. Then there is Joe Fox (played by Tom Hanks) who is the one about to make Kathleen not so happy as he is going to put a big bookstore, a more commercialised bookstore right next go good Old’s Kathleen’s lovely, SMALL one. Whilst this is all going on, Kathleen and Joe are sending mail back and forth to each other, enjoying each others company whilst not really knowing each others identity and that is how the story unfolds. I don’t want to give too much away. If you haven’t seen this then, please go rent it. It’s brilliant and the ending is fabulous!

So you can see why I love a bit of Meg Ryan and these two films.






http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098635/?ref_=sr_1 (When Harry met Sally)

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