#31 Say Anything, another great classic

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Say Anything, another classic film worth talking about and so I’m going to.

After watching a lot of films that always have connotations and quotes about the film, like Easy A with the speakers. For a modern film to still be quoting you know it is a good one. This film is iconic where Lloyd drives to Diane’s house and holds the stereo on top of his head, with his car behind him. It’s the true romantic scene that makes this film the classic it is.

I was surprised when I first watched It, I didn’t know much about the story only that it was a romantic story and had a pretty awesome cast. So then when I watched it I didn’t really expect the story to be the way it is and I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the film.


So ‘Say Anything’ is all about Lloyd Dobler (played by John Cusack) who is a bit of a underachiever and is finally finished at school and is off to college but whilst he waits to go he wants a romance with the valedictorian of the school Diane Court (played by Lone Skye). Through the summer they spend time together but has many obstacles on the way including Diane father James Court (played by John Mahoney) and Lloyd’s sister (his real life’s sister played by Joan Cusack).

There is a bit of a twist which you don’t even expect neat the end which I defiantly wasn’t expecting the film to go, which I like it gives it something a little bit more to the film, something you don’t really know is going to happen.

I would defiantly recommend to watch this, it is a classic after all and with such a good cast, you would be silly to miss watching this. For me this is one to have on the shelf of movies.






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