#30 The classic, “Ferris Buller’s day off”


Another classic film which is defiantly worth a watch would be Ferris Buller’s Day Off.

The first time I was told about this film was on a trip with the Art and Photography departments at college, we were in New York and a group of us were discussing oldies but goodies in the film world, when this came up in conversation. Everyone said I would be a fool if I didn’t watch this when I got back to the UK, well luckily for me it available on the place which is how I spent a little bit of my time on a long haul flight back to Britain and it was defiantly well spent.

So what is the film about well you have Ferris Buller (played by Matthew Broderick) who decides he does not fancy school today so fakes that he is ill to his mum Katie Buller (played by Cindy Pickett) and father Tom Buller (played by Lyman Ward). Then goes out with his best friend Cameron Frye (played by Alan Ruck) and his love interest Sloanne Peterson (played by Mia Sara) where they seem to just get into complete mischievous. Whilst this is all happening Ferris’s sister Jeanie Buller (played by Jennifer Grey) knows that he is faking and decides to try to trip him up so his parents find out and he gets in to trouble but she is not quick enough because Ed Rooney (played by Jeffrey Jones) is already on his tails.

With such a good cast and a brilliant story, you will just love this film it has a romance and comedy, perfect for a classic that will not age and this film has not and will not ever age, it is a true classic and if you have not gone to see it, you defiantly need to.

It is one to put on your bucket list.







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