#29 Finding a job…

I have decided to take some time off from reviewing media, talking films, fashion and glossy box to write about my journey to unemployment and hope someone in the media industry finds my blog in the cyber world to read, find and call me to offer me my dream job…. The big word there is DREAM.

I finished my university in degree in May, the end of May to be exact. moved completely out by the end of June, started the internship in Shoreditch in July to the end of August and work experience in September. For the whole month of September I looked for a job and now it is October and I am still looking. I do have a work experience fortnight booked in November which is very exciting.

Right now I am still looking for a job, I live my life on job sites and my internet history just reads jobs, my cv is roaming around the internet, I swear I have sent out so many of them, so many times and so many that everyone will know my name by the end of it. Which is actually a good thing.

I just thought I would write a little bit on my blog about it, because finding work once you finish university is hard, you are struggling for money, you are desperate to move on with your life, you get bored, your parents pester you and parents love you and help you but pestering is not ideal, when people ask you what you’re doing (ALL THE TIME) OR do you have a job yet? OR the media industry? oh isn’t that a tough industry?

The questions are the realisation that actually there is no job BUT having great friends from university that are in the same boat or the friends that have been through it, the parents that get how hard it is and having this makes it so much easier! So much.

I will defiantly keep you posted and I will scream so everyone can hear when I get myself a job and I will let you all know when this day happens…



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