#28 Ray Donovan the end.


Ray Donovan, series one is over and what a series it has been.

This series is clever, gritty and full of emotion. The main character ‘Ray Donovan’ is the professional problem solver, a fixer for the LA famous and rich when they get into sticky situations, whatever that may be. Except he can’t be doing this with own family, especially when trouble just seems to come calling for the Donovan’s.

It aired on Tuesday 16th July 2013 in the UK on Sky 1 and 12 episodes later finished on Tuesday 1st October 2013. It has been 12 exploding episodes with lots of violence, sex, drugs, sadness and anger.


So let me give you a quick recap on what has happened in the first series of this great show, especially has it has a truly talented cast. – You have the main character Ray Donovan (played by Liev Schreiber) who is married to Abby Donovan (played by Paula Malcomson), they have two children Bridget (played by Kerris Dorsey) and Conor (played by Devon Bagby). Ray has two brothers Terry (played by Eddie Marsan), Bunchy (played by Dash Milhok) and a half-brother who he later meets Daryll (played by Pooch Hall), he finds out that Daryll is his brother through his dad Mickey (played by Jon Voight). Ray Donovan’s work colleagues Avi (played by Steven Bauer), Lena (played by Katherine Moennig) and Ezra Goodman (played by Elliott Gould).

The first series is all based upon Mickey coming back into all of the Donovan’s families life, he had been in prison and why, well that question is answered throughout this series. As well as this you then have Ray having to clear up more clients sticky situations and watching his daughter start getting involved in the dating scene, his son starting to want to be a celebrity. He had to deal with all of this!

Please go and find a way of watching it, I am sure you can go watch it on Sky Demand because it is truly brilliant and I cannot wait for series 2 to come back on our screens and we will be acquainted with the good old Donovan’s.

Showtime's New Series Premiere Of "Ray Donovan" - Red Carpet




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