#26 I love a bit of Shoreditch London town




I have to write a small little amount on my love for everything Shoreditch London. I first went their on a trip for a work placement interview, then a year later for a celebration event and then worked there for 7 weeks, where I got to see a little bit more of London and the place they call Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is so up and coming now in London, it is defiantly the place to go. I have been out a couple of times during the day and evening. All I can say is during the day they have amazing food place’s! #Amazing. In the evening everything get’s even more Spicer with the all different cocktails bars & places to eat, Shoreditch is such a cool hang out place, it has everything you want and it is pure fun!

On my last week working in Shoreditch I visited some really cool places, I went for a late dinner at Kick Bar on Shoreditch high street, (right new Shoreditch Church bus stop) I went with my best friend Erika, it was happy hour on cocktails so we ordered some Strawberry’s Daicareys, THEY WERE SO DELCIOUS. We shared the a platter which had Salami, Cheese, olives, sun-dried tomatoes,  pita bread and a portion of Humus, Just delicious!

Then went on to have dinner on my last evening at Drunken Monkey which is Dim Sum galore, again they had happy hour cocktails and I will recommend to anyone who loves a cocktail to go have a cocktail there and Dim Sum, I had Prawn and chives dim sum they were so delicious I asked for a second helping.

Shoreditch is just great, I went to a quirky little restaurant and ate fish cheek, OMG it was so good. It was an Arabian restaurant and the food was amazing and it was so good it was hidden behind the main Shoreditch High Street – just pure brilliant, hidden and delicious. Can’t get a combo better than that. #scrumptiousdoesn’tevencutit.

So go to Shoreditch and visit the wonderful places, the cool quirky bars, the cute little sandwich bars who remembers your name. I felt loved there and I will defiantly go back and visit, GO!







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